Fela is my daughter, and these are her friends. Handmade Fabric Dolls

Hello, my name is Femi. I am the creator of Fela and friends, a collection of handmade dolls.

My inspiration for Fela and friends came about when I was looking for a doll for my daughter Fela. I wanted her to have a doll that reflected who she was in a positive light. I believe black dolls should be available for all children, as a wonderful and cute companion. Fela and Friends dolls are handmade by myself using simple fabrics.

Fela and Friends consist of five friends; Tope, Lara, Faith, Morello and Cece. They all have their own individual hobbies and interests and you can learn more about them by following their Instagram page; @felandfriends.

Fela and Friends dolls can also be customised.

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